Grilled Swordfish

Tastes like summer!

It has been hot and humid here in Vermont this week; so much so that the thought of turning on the stove this week has been a complete turn-off! We have fans blowing and windows open, trying desperately to cool the house down; we’ve had some amazing thunder storms roll through here this week, which has helped cool things down, but typically it’s not until the late, late evening when the air becomes cooler and more comfortable to breathe.

I’m telling you, on hot humid days like this, a grill is an absolute household necessity. Not only does it help keep the house cool, but there is something that happens with the food itself when it’s grilled whether it be by charcoal, hibachi, propane (or whatever it is you ), it tastes like summer to me.

Tonight – we are keeping this entire meal completely on the grill! The meal goes pretty fast once the asparagus has marinated in its savory soy bath, but you can totally skip the marinade and just keep it simple with olive oil and a touch of garlic powder.

You may find it funny that I’ve added butternut squash to a summer meal, but with spiralizing being a huge thing to do now (and it why not…it’s delicious!), spiralizing the squash into noodles and then cooking them over the grill – it really adds a great flavor and color to the dish. If you are not a fan of butternut squash, you can always use zucchini noodles as well – just be sure you drain the zucchini noodles really well and cook them for no more than 2-3 minutes, otherwise they will become soggy.

Be sure you have all your prep work done before you start cooking.  Like I said – this goes pretty fast!  Stay cool and enjoy this taste of summer!

It has been so hot and humid here in Vermont this week – so much so that the thought of turning on the stove this week has been a complete turn-off!  Fans are blowing, windows wide open in a desperate attempt to cool the house down.  Unfortunately, it’s not until late into the evenings when the temperatures finally drop making it a little more comfortable to breathe.

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